Yay! Finally there's a platform that allows you to move as fast as the market demands. Ideate - Build - Launch!

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No-code platform. Possible!

All the power of code, none of the complexity: tell XTOPIA what should happen step-by-step as users click and navigate through your web application, code-free. Map it, build it, deploy it, today!

Ready-to-deploy Enterprise apps

Survey Builder

Build online survey easily without the need to code. Best for surveys, feedback, questionnaires and assessments.

e-Broadcast Manager

An online marketing application for e-mail broadcasting and engagement tracking for your online campaigns.

Voting Manager

Create and manage your voting campaigns through simple configuration

AI Chatbot Builder

A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.

Membership Manager

An easy-to-use membership management for member registration, activation and profile management.

Document Library

Access critical document processes with powerful versioning features your business needs.


With XTOPIA e-Commerce, all you need to do is to select a template, update your products and go live!

Progressive Web App

Need your website to be PWA?  Setup with no coding to make your website installable.

Report Builder

Build custom reports with the data you collect and export to CSV format according to your business needs.

Code visually

Customizable logic: communicate rules such as,

“if a user is logged in, but they haven’t entered their home address yet, redirect them to the home screen and pop up a form to prompt them…”

You know the business rules. You understand the data you need to capture.

Get it done with XTOPIA!

Connect & Extend

Send customizable, transactional emails to your users just by configuring them through the workflow.

No-code API connector allows you to connect to any third party service that exposes a JSON or XML-based API. Yes, it is that easy.

You can integrate, extend and scale with XTOPIA's Opened Platform.

Easy Data Management

Work your data harder.

Import and export all your application’s data using CSV files or Excel Pre-built admin interface with customizable user access levels that lets you view and modify your users' accounts and data.

Go ahead and visualise data for insights. It's easy with only a click. We will do the hard-work so you can focus on your real work.

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