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We want to empower people like you to take part in the Digital Revolution. If you have an idea, XTOPIA is for you.

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XTOPIA.IO is pioneered by the R&D Team of XIMNET – The leading Tech and Design agency in Malaysia.

XIMNET has successfully developed enterprise websites and web applications for MNCs since 2000.​ XIMNET Digital Team launched a cloud-based web application builder in 2015. Also known as XTOPIA.IO, this platform serves as the foundation of all enterprise solutions we have successfully rolled out in various scales and sizes throughout the years.

While XTOPIA is built primarily for ambitious non-technical business executives who wish to develop web pages, online forms, business processes and collect data for their customers, it does not stop there. Our key goal is to empower people like you to take part in the digital revolution. If you have an idea, make it happen with XTOPIA.

For the past 2 years, XTOPIA.IO has begun its journey into AI-driven innovation and automation. AI chatbots marks the beginning of our drive to push towards the exciting possibilities of equipping our clients with artificial intelligence in serving their markets effectively.

What we believe in

Empower People

We want to build software tools that help people create and live their dreams. We want to empower people to do more with what they know.

Wings for Dreams

We want to reduce the time and costs to deploy an application, from ideation, building, testing to deployment. We want to democratize software development skills.

Design + Power

We believe in beautiful things that serve a function. Oh what a world we will have when we can achieve that balance! Come and let's create something awesome together.

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The Team

Coming from various background, we work collaboratively to make our ideas happen.

Wiley Chin

Founder and CEO


Marketing & UX


Platform & Security


Platform & Innovation



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