brilliant data
Data Binding, Supercharged
for you
Manage your database in the same interface with just one login. Break the technical barriers. Assign your database, do data binding and watch the magic happen. It’s simple and it just works.
Brilliant Data - Assign your objects
Brilliant Data - Set up your database table
From leads
for you
Start from scratch or edit from a gallery of beautiful forms for events, surveys and newsletter subscriptions. Collaborate efficiently to build forms. View useful insights and export reports quickly. Achieve more with less clicks.
scale with ease
Smart, Scalable Web Applications
for you
Decide what works for your business and use the same code for web, iOS, Android, or desktop without installing any software. Leverage on the expertise of the world when you integrate with other business applications in our extensive library. 
Scale with Ease- Smart, Scalable Web Applications  for you
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