What if AI can pick up the best colors for your brand?

Colour plays a key role in setting a brand's impression right within 3 seconds so most web designers spend a good amount of time to pick the best colour palette for a project. It is a relatively challenging step for some because good colour combination has got to do with how it feels when colours are put together on a website.

XTOPIA's DNA has always been about empowering its users so great colour palettes should not be limited to a designer's domain. With that in mind, our team decided to take on the challenge of using AI to first analyse a brand's logo, then to recommend the color palette which best represent the brand.

Identifying your logo colours

As naive as we are when it comes to AI method, we thought the way to determine the colors in a logo is simply to pick up the key RGB values.

Hello, cannot.

We found out that there are alot (we mean ALOT) of pixels which are not the solid colours our eyes see and that sums up a great part of the entire logo image.

After trying various ways to clean up the output, we finally decided to go ahead with k-Means. k-Means clustering - a method which clusters data points into a chosen k number of groups based on how close they are to each other and yes, we finally got some very promising results from this method. Hurray!

Input A - Subset of full 5-colour palette

Output B - Each palette consists of 5 colours

From two colors to, twenty five?

Thanks to Colormind who has figured out a way to produce beautiful color palettes with GAN training, we decided to take on similar approach for our solution too. GAN, also known as Generative Adversarial Network, is a form of supervised learning where you have a set of training data, input (A) and output (B) pairs, the machine learning algorithm will learn the mapping function from A to B.

We handpicked a range of colors and also beautiful colour palettes to train XTOPIA and the biggest takeaway from this exercise is the quality of our data set determines the quality of the output. Trash in trash out. Sure it sounds like a simple concept but a lot of hard work has been put in place to keep the quality of our training data within our expectation.

Why 25 colours? XTOPIA Website Builder allows user to pick up to 25 colours (tints and hues included) to design a website so a meaningful set of colors is needed to fit into the system.

All theory said, we would like to invite you to head over to XTOPIA try out system and let us know if you like what XTOPIA recommends to you. Got questions? Contact us directly at [email protected].
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